E Liquids of the Month : FEB 2017!

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Eliquid! The wondrous stuff that we all know and love. Sweet smells and great flavors, it’s hard to get enough. Taste is perhaps the defining characteristic when it comes to vaping and with taste being such a subjective thing, we figured we would try and get everything. Tobacco? Fruit? Sweet? We have it all!

Bringing you the Newest & the Best flavors on offer.
Read on to know…

1. Peach Crème
Sour peaches and sweet cream sounds about right for an amazing vaping treat!
this combination makes up for a zestful summer morning vape.
Buy here : http://www.esutta.com/product/peaches-n-cream-peach-cream/

2. Straw Berry Milkshake
A very rich Milkshake full of Strawberries, One of our very best!
That’s DesiVape Strawberry MilkShake eliquid for you.
Buy Here : http://www.esutta.com/product/strawberry-milkshake/

3. Mt. Everest
Thunderous Cool Mint hitting you just like the cool breeze right at the peak of Mt. Everest, is that what gets you going?
we say its perfect for a hot sunny day!
Buy Here : http://www.esutta.com/product/mt-everest-mint/

All ingredients used our 100% safe and taste incredible.
Available in 30ml Dropper bottles.
So what are you waiting order soon on www.esutta.com or check out our complete range of eliuids here.

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