Hangsen E Liquid in India. It is one of the oldest and one of the most reliable brand of e juices across the world along with Dekang. The brand was launched along with the evolution of electronic cigarettes in the world. Over here Hangsen e liquid in India came in about 2011 when there were very less vaping shops in India and it remained as the first choice of e liquid for every vaper. Good quality, good taste, great packaging and cheap price for an e liquid and the answer was Hangsen. Though with the growing rise of electronic cigarettes it bought very stiff competition for the brand but still it is one of the most preferred brand of e liquid for many vapers in India and also across the world.

If you had tried there eliquids in past you can surely count for this brand, Vapers who are looking for cheaper and good e juice options still prefer to go with Hangsen as their preferred choice.

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