Joyetech Electronic Cigarettes in India

When it comes down to talking about electronic cigarettes and the best brands of e cigarette in the world. The first name that will come out always is Joyetech. The oldest and most reputed e cigarette maker of the world – The company was established in late 2007 – the first product that they launched was the Joye 510 and further launched the industry top seller the Joye Ego series of electronic cigarette, by 2011, It was the most widely available brand of electronic cigarette in the world with flagship stores in America and Europe.

It was not only kits – Joyetech e liquid in India was one of the most sold ejuice brand as well. As per present day Joyetech Aio in India is the most sold budget kit and on the high end mods the Cuboid and the Evic Vt series by Joyetech is also very famous.

Some of their most successful products are the ECab ECig and the E Roll Ecig series. They have very recently launched the Cuboid 200 which is very much similar to the Reuleaux rx200 series. Anybody can check the warranty of their product by checking the product serial number on their website.

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